Windows XP Recovery Disk – A Great Protector In Problematic Situations

Published: 10th August 2011
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Windows XP operating system might be old, but it is one of the best operating systems from Microsoft. The operating system integrates system recovery features and let the user to create the re-installation and recovery disks for Windows XP. Here you will find useful tips to create a Windows XP system recovery disk. Online computer technical support providers also help the PC users to create system recovery disk. If you can not perform the task yourself, consult any computer service provider for help.

Why Windows XP Recovery Disk Important

Importance of a Windows XP recovery disk is undeniable. If you would like to restore the software, files and settings of the computer, you need a recovery disk. Apart from this, if you would like to cope with computer hardware problems such as, system failure, computer virus infestation, hard drive malfunction, a recovery disk will be required. The process of making the Windows XP recovery disk is very easy.

How to Make a Windows XP Recovery Disk

For creating a Windows XP recovery disk, it is recommended to create the Backup Utility first. Let’s take a look at the process of creating Backup Utility for Windows XP Home Edition. Insert the Windows XP Home Edition disk in your optical drive. Go to "My Computer" and open the Windows XP disk folder. After that you need to run the backup utility installer. Click open VALUEADD > MSFT and then double click "Ntbackup.msi.". This is the Backup Utility installation wizard. Click the "Finish" tab after completion of the backup installation. The backup utility has now been installed.

Now you can create the recovery disk. Open the backup utility for Windows XP that you have created. Click on "Start Menu", go to "All Programs", "Accessories", "System Tools", "Backup" and click "Advanced Mode". Click on the "Advanced backup Wizard" and then press "Next". A new page showing the message - "What to Backup" will be opened up. Here you need to select the "Backup Everything on This Computer" option. Next, click on "Next" tab and insert a blank disk in the optical drive and select your preferred option from the list. Select "Next". This will set the process of making Windows XP recovery disk.

Tips to Download Windows XP Recovery Disk

Instead of making a Windows XP recovery disk, you can also download the application from the official website of Microsoft. This is absolutely free. You can download the file onto a flash drive. Click on the "Download a Windows XP recovery disk from Microsoft" and then click "Download" and then "Save". Save the downloaded file on the flash drive. Now restart the computer and this time, the computer will start from the flash drive.

These are some useful tips to create Windows XP recovery disk. For further support you can get in touch with an expert. There are many reliable computer service providers that offer PC tech help to the computer users.

For operating system support talk to a technician. For Windows XP upgrade, there are many reliable companies that offer comprehensive support.

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