Learn How To Access Firefox And Chrome Bookmarks On Two Different PCs

Published: 10th August 2011
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You may require accessing the Internet on two different computers. Now the problem is, the bookmarks are saved on your laptop and you are working on your desktop. How to access them? Well, here comes the importance of syncing. Whether you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you can sync all your bookmarks and other browser settings and access them from any computer. Here you will find the tips on how to accomplish this task. You may also get help from computer services companies in this regard.

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First we will look at how you can sync Firefox bookmarks. There are many extensions available on the web for the Firefox browser. Using these extensions the users can easily sync bookmarks. Mozilla Weave and Foxmarks are two popular names in this context. Both of them make the use of remote servers in order to host and synchronize the data. But there are privacy concerns among the users as their bookmarks are stored on remote servers and anyone can access it. So, the best solution is to get the job done without help of third party software.

There is a good Firefox extension named as SyncPlaces which could be used to synchronize Firefox bookmarks among multiple computers without third party help. For storing data it uses WebDav or an FTP server. Prior to starting the data synchronization, this extension creates a backup of the current local bookmarks. This is quite useful as the user can easily revert back to the old data set if the synchronization fails.

Before you save and synchronize data in the particular computer, you need to configure access to the online data storage. Using this Firefox extension, the user can easily backup and restore bookmarks manually.

On the other hand, it is very easy to sync bookmarks and other data on Google Chrome. This browser comes with built-in synchronization tool which allow the user easily sync data on different computers. You only need to have a Google or Gmail account to perform this task. As the user needs to use his account for storing data, there is no privacy concern.

Accessing the sync option in Google Chrome is very easy. You just need to click the Settings option which is on the top-right corner of the Google Chrome browser. This opens Google Chrome Options window. Click Personal Stuff and click Set Up Sync button. Now you need to insert your Google ID and password. A Gmail ID will also do. Now choose the options that you want to sync. You are done. Your all Google Chrome Data will be synchronized.

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